Whiddon-Rogers offers middle school, high school, and adult academic programs.  All programs are performance-based, and students can be promoted and graduate when mastery is demonstrated.  Our middle and high school programs are designed for students who have been retained or have other educational challenges.  Our adult programs are designed for adults who did not previously earn a high school diploma or need to improve their reading, language, and/or math skills.

Our Middle School Academy is for students in grades 7 and 8.  Students take middle and high school courses concurrently.  Academic courses include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading.  Students also take Critical Thinking, which curriculum includes organizational skills, study skills, goal setting, and life choices.  Electives include physical education, food preparation, music, and criminal justice.

High school students are offered a full range of courses, similar to those offered in a traditional high school.  Courses include everything needed to earn a high school diploma.  In addition, Whiddon-Rogers offers several vocational programs, including Business, Food Preparation, Building and Construction Trades, and Health Sciences.  Students have the opportunity to earn and transfer vocational credits to one of the Broward County vocational schools upon graduation from our high school program.

Our adult students have the opportunity to earn a GED or standard high school diploma.  An adult student who wants a standard high school diploma must meet the same requirements as a regular high school student.  Students working to earn a GED diploma must pass the State of Florida GED test.  Our adult program also includes classes for students with limited English proficiency.

In addition to these programs which are offered on our campus, Whiddon-Rogers offers GED classes in the four Broward County jails.  Students who are incarcerated have the opportunity to continue their education through our program.

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