Behavioral Support

Behavior Team

Latonia Gardner, High School
Herman Lovett, High School
Garrett Schubert, High School
Calvin Golson, Middle School Academy

Attendance, Behavior, and Academic Agreement

Students who have a history of poor school attendance and/or behavioral issues will be placed on this agreement upon registration. The student and his/her parent/guardian will meet with a guidance counselor to make this determination.

Backpacks and Bags

Students are not permitted to bring oversized purses, messenger bags, book bags, duffle bags, or bags of any kind to campus. A small purse or fanny pack is allowable, but it can be no larger than 6” x 9”. If a student requires special consideration for bringing a bag to school, he/she is required to complete the Book Bag Request Form. Students may bring their bag after receiving administrative approval.

Behavior Point System

With the Whiddon-Rogers point system, students accumulate points for specific attendance, behavior, and academic infractions. Points will be eliminated for positive behaviors.

Bus Action Plan

The Whiddon-Rogers Bus Action Plan lays out the expectations for bus behavior and defines student consequences for violations of bus rules. The consequences for violating bus rules are categorized by Level One, Level Two, or Level Three violations.

Mentoring Programs

Whiddon-Rogers offers several mentoring programs that are designed to engage and connect students with highly accomplished mentors and professionals in a small group setting. Our mentoring programs embrace diversity among students from grades 7–12, this affords the mentees an opportunity to learn from and support one another. Mentoring programs include:

Chat and Chew with The Principal

Chess Club

Crochet Club

Gay Straight Alliance / LGBTQ

Haitian Cultural Club

Just Say No

Mentoring Youth Forward (MYF)

Poetry Club

Senior Class

Student Government Association (SGA)

Target Graduation

Women of Elegance and Women of Tomorrow

Schoolwide Positive Behavior Plan (SPBP)

The Whiddon-Rogers Schoolwide Positive Behavior Plan outlines how we educate our students regarding consequences for their behaviors. The SPBP is part of our School Improvement Plan (SIP) and is adjusted annually to meet our needs.

Strategies and Opportunities for Academic Reinforcement (SOAR)

The SOAR program at Whiddon-Rogers is for students assigned to internal suspension. Students are assigned to the SOAR program for specific infractions of the District’s Discipline Matrix. Students in SOAR receive academic, behavioral, and social/emotional strategies. The goal of SOAR is to reduce behavioral infractions.

Student Identification Cards

All students and staff at Whiddon-Rogers are required to wear a school identification card at all times. The card must be visible at all times.

Tardy Plan

Whiddon-Rogers Tardy Plan outlines consequences for students who are tardy to school and/or class periods. The expectation is for all students to arrive to school and class on time and prepared to learn.

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