Code of Student Conduct

Reminders: Code Of Student Conduct

What parents and students need to know!

School rules have been developed to encourage respect for self, others and property. Mutual respect is the underlying principle in the classroom, in the hallways and on school grounds. All rules will be publicized, explained, and equitably enforced. Students and staff must be guaranteed an environment that is safe. All school rules are in alignment with the School Board of Broward County Code of Student Behavior.

School Bus Behavior

Misconduct by any student while riding a school bus represents a serious threat to the safety of all occupants of the bus as well as other motorists, pedestrians, and members of the community. All rules that apply to the school grounds and school activities also apply to the school bus.


Students who are driving to school must acquire a decal to park in the south parking lot. See security for parking decal information. The privilege of driving motor vehicles on school property will be denied if it becomes detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the school community. All state motor vehicle laws apply on campus.

Closed Campus

Whiddon-Rogers Education Center is a “closed campus”. Students are not allowed to leave campus for any reason unless signed out by their parent or legal guardian. Students will receive administrative disciplinary action if they are found to have left campus without proper permission during the day including their lunch period.


Students who arrive for class after 7:30 am must sign in at the front desk. Students are then issued a pass to class. Disciplinary consequences may be required for late arrival. Students are only allowed to sign-out if a parent or legal guardian calls in.

Tardiness and Class Attendance

Students who are tardy to school and have a valid reason (illness, illness of an immediate family member, death in the family, required court appearance, schedule doctor or dentist appointment, etc.) should bring a note with them specifying the reason for the tardiness, check in at the designated area of the school, and then report immediately to class. Please refer to page 10 of the Code of Student Conduct for valid reasons for tardiness to school.

Tardiness to Class

Any student who is not in his/her classroom when the bell rings is considered tardy. Disciplinary consequences may be required for excessive tardies.

Photo Identification and Trespassers

To support the highest priority given to security of all student and staff, all persons on campus will be required to wear a photo identification badge. Any person without a badge will be considered a trespasser.

Dress Code

Suggestive, revealing or indecent clothing IS NOT permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing that exposes private body parts and/or displays pictures or words that have a sexual connotation. Bottoms must be finger-tip length.

Belts, bracelets, wallet chains, collars with spikes, or heavy link chains that may cause injury are not permitted.

Students in our Middle School Academy must wear our school uniform colors. Tops should be polo-style, and bottoms must be at least finger-tip length.

Patterns of Non-Attendance

Whiddon-Rogers will be looking at students for early signs of truancy when they accumulate more than 5 days of absence from school without acceptable documentation. Absences include missing school all day and/or missing school part of the day (being tardy, being signed out early). It is very important for students to be in every class every day.

Weapons Policy Changes

Toy guns are considered weapons and should not be brought onto school campuses. Any tool or instrument used in a threatening manner will be considered dangerous and will result in suspension.

These new rules will help you and the District better ensure a safe and productive school year.

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