ESE Support

ESE Department Vision

To enhance the academic and social skills of all Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students in our program and to provide a safe environment that fosters collaboration with students, families, staff, and administration.

ESE Department Mission

To create a framework upon which schools and families can build a collaborative structure of support services that promote academic achievement and to encourage personal growth in students with disabilities.

Expectations of students

  • Increase attendance
  • Increase engagement and performance
  • Increase awareness of performance-based objectives that aligns with their Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Conduct themselves appropriately based on classroom rules, school rules, and the Code of Student Conduct.

Expectations of staff

  • To assist students with demonstrating improvements on grade level standards and assessments
  • To inspire, empower, and improve our student’s skills academically, behaviorally, and socially
  • To provide incentives and rewards for students’ milestones
  • To challenge our students to meet and exceed grade level performance

Examples of Interventions

  1. In class Support Facilitator
  2. Small group pull out (Resource Room)
  3. Teacher collaboration
  4. Student conferences
  5. Parent conferences
  6. Guidance conferences
  7. Administrative consultation


  1. Attendance, grades, behavior, credit completion, and community involvement
  2. Teacher observation
  3. Teacher consultation/collaboration
  4. Teacher data chats

Teacher Responsibilities

(Information below is not to be considered a complete listing of teacher responsibilities but as a general guideline as to how teachers support our ESE Students).

  • Create a classroom climate which fosters authentic learning
  • Keep an open dialogue with students, parents, support, and administration
  • Establish/Maintain an environment of high expectations
  • Be cognizant of each student’s exceptionality and its impact upon his/her educational goals
  • Participate in IEP meetings and conferences
ESE Staff

Student Responsibilities

(Information below is not to be considered a complete listing of student responsibilities but as a general guideline as to how students’ are to be accountable for their education).

  • Know exceptionality and its impact upon educational goals
  • Know the IEP goals and objectives
  • Know the IEP accommodations
  • Make use of a variety of instructional techniques
  • Meet with ESE Support Facilitator

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