Our History

Gene A. Whiddon Adult Center opened in the early 1960’s in a small, 17-room building located on Federal Highway.  Until 1996, the adult center offered classes in adult academics and business courses.

In answer to the District’s need for a central area “School of Choice”, the adult center was relocated to the Rogers Middle School and Edgewood Elementary School sites.  The School of Choice opened on the Rogers Middle site, and the adult programs were relocated to the Edgewood Elementary site.  All programs were consolidated onto one site when the Edgewood site closed.

To preserve the names of families who have made numerous contributions to education and the community, the “new” school was named the Whiddon-Rogers Education Center.

In addition to the School of Choice and adult programs offered on the Whiddon-Rogers campus, ABE and GED programs are also offered at the BSO Broward County Jail locations.   These include the Main Jail Bureau, North Broward Bureau, Joseph V. Conte Facility, and Paul Rein Detention Facility. Students who attend Whiddon-Rogers will find that the programs are designed specifically to suit their needs.

The school’s guidance department, Family Counselor, Social Worker, School Resource Officer, ESE support staff, and behavior and security specialists assist students in making appropriate adjustments to their new school setting. The School-to-Career program also assists students with transition into the community and world of work. Whiddon-Rogers is constantly seeking to improve. To assist in this effort, the School Advisory Council (SAC) and School Advisory Forum (SAF) are supportive in developing and maintaining excellent programs.

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