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Summer Programs

Whiddon-Rogers offers summer programs for high school students and adults.  Our GED program is open continuously throughout the summer.  Our HS program is for students who attend either Whiddon-Rogers or a traditional high school during the regular school year.  Students must have a co-enrollment form from their home school to register.  Call the school at 754-321-7566 for more information.

For more information on the Community Health and Wellness Fair

Click Here for flyer on the Community Health and Wellness Fair

School Financial Report Available

In accordance with Florida Law, we are providing our school financial report.  The figures in this report represent the revenues and expenditures allocated to the school, both in total and per FTE (full-time equivalent) student.  This data is compared to the rest of the schools in the district and the state.  The purpose of this report is to inform parents of the resources that were available to the school during the 2015-2016 school year.

Click Here for the Financial Report

Whiddon Rogers Education Center Awarded a Grant from the Florida Department of Education

Ms. Ross Thanks to a S10,000  grant from the Florida  Department  of Education, students at Whiddon Rogers Education Center will have the opportunity to learn hands-on skills in digital design from certified instructors through a communications technology program. Students will be able to transfer these skills  to further their education at a technical college or start a new career. The  design  program will be offered to 75 male students at Whiddon Rogers and 25 percent of these students will have the opportunity to earn Adobe Premier  Pro  certification.  The program will also offer students employability skills and supportive services for underrepresented students to succeed academically and in the workforce.

For more information on Whiddon-Rogers Real Talk at the Barbershop  click here

Guidance News

The entire Guidance Department is working with our seniors to ensure all graduation requirements are met.  They are counseling each individual student on the following:

  • Credits are earned and posted
  • Community service hours are earned, submitted, and posted
  • Standardized tests are passed and posted
  • GPA is 2.0 or better
  • Post-secondary options are chosen, including:
    • College and financial aid applications are completed and submitted
    • Technical college applications are completed
    • Scholarships are applied for
    • Job applications
    • Mock interviews

Spring Testing begins March 27th, 2017.  Please contact your child’s Guidance Counselor for more information.

February GEMS – A special THANK YOU goes to our support staff for Going the Extra Mile to ensure our students learn how to make appropriate choices and succeed in school and their careers.

Broward Sheriff’s Office Approves Grant to Whiddon Rogers Education Center

A grant of $7,763 from the Broward Sheriff’s Office will support the Criminal Justice
Academy at Whiddon Rogers Education Center. The Criminal Justice Academy will
introduce students to various careers in all major areas in the Criminal Justice System.
Congratulations to Brent Roberson, Criminal Justice Instructor at Whiddon Rogers, for
receiving approval on his first grant submission.

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